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When you are focus on the decoration time of your room, every detail should be paid attention to. How to make good design, decoration can save a lot of unnecessary overhead. Curtains are needed for each family, but the curtain has been a profiteering industry, we here remind everybody, must intend to carefully, to prevent the bite.

Sheer curtains cost composition: cloth, accessories (tape, Roman bar, Roman bar ring hanging rail, four claws in hook and metal ring etc.), you can do it yourself omit the processing fees and expenses for the installation.

sheer curtains

sheer curtains

Cloth: cloth. Cotton, linen and canvas prices vary greatly, the attention of curtain fabric texture, and buyers bargain. Buy cloth multiples of the folds, the general assembly method (such as hanging rail piercings) 1.5 times as you can; if drilling is drilling in the curtains, in the hole is provided with a metal ring, and then directly put into the Roman rod), 2 times. If the curtains should be installed 3 meters wide, ordinary method for loading, cloth long 3 x 1.5 meters is can the; if it is drilling for installing method, cloth long 3 x 2=6 meters can be.

Curtain cloth amplitude high is 2.6 meters or 2 meters, general curtains are higher, according to the size of their windows, but also save a lot of money.

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  Navy blue curtains

Let navy blue curtains make your home look more attractive

The features of navy blue curtains are various. There are all kinds of navy blue curtains on the market, so people will be confused when confronted with so many choices. According to price, fabric, design, style, color and some other aspects, we can refer to them and then finally make a better choice.

Navy Blue Linen Blackout Curtains

As we know, compared with other colors, people usually prefer choosing blue colors. They like choosing blue furniture, blue lights, blue curtains to create a blue them and then show a graceful and elegant temperament to beautify their home. Thus, it is definitely wise for you to the navy blue curtains to decorate your home.

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You can also custom the navy blue curtains to match with your unique home design. There are many online shops support custom and the price is also reasonable and acceptable. You can search shops according to the brand, design, style and so on. What’s more, some curtains are able to insulate the water, strong sun-lighting, radiation and so on. Just make a whole fully consideration and then choose the suitable navy blue curtains. Or tell the service staff of online shops that your detailed demands, and they will try their best to show the perfect result. As for the size, you’d better measure the size of window or wall ahead of time and then determine the size of curtains.

Another important point is convenient cleaning. The fabric of navy blue curtains should be better to be cleaned easily. Or you will spend a lot of efforts and time to maintain your curtains.

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  How to make restroom different with curtains

Curtains have been very important in our life not only for blocking sunlight and wind,but also for decoration with development. Different living room curtains can create different effect for our house. Base on this point,we can use so many different kinds of curtains to create different restroom. So,how to choose curtains for yourself to create different space? That’s what we are talking about.

1.Atmospheric style for general man. You can choose the curtains for white,gray or black with white pattern. This style looks modern and simple,but not dull. It’s very suitable for the most young male. Also,you can put some cute pillows on the sofa to make the room more warm,not only black or white. Different decoration is a good choice to make your room more harmony. Good tips for you.

Modern Printing Cotton bedroom curtains

2.Simple style. So many modern families’ kitchens and living rooms are connected together. You can choose the shutters for your house due to the structure of house. Your house will be so warm and bright with shutters. Simple style,fresh color or floral shutters are good choice for you,especially for family.

3.Warm style. Home is the warm and relax space for everyone. Now,more and more people refer to warm style instead of modern style at home. They like warm house after one day’s busy work. A warm family includes family members and home concern,curtains can also play important roles in our family life if you choose suitable curtains. All of these make up our perfect family that everyone long for.

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The last,princess style most women or girls like . Lace and yarn are most important thing for princess style. It will be romantic when the lace and yarn move with wind. You can choose the purple,white,pink,etc for your princess room. This room can make your princess dream come true.

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  White Curtains Would Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

Curtains make your room lively. When you hang curtains they add to the beauty of the room, make them appear attractive. Curtains not only make the rooms look beautiful but also provide you with privacy. Thus, when you think of hanging curtains at the windows of your room the first thing that you must decide is which color would be fitting with the color of your room. There are curtains of many colors, but white curtains are something that goes almost with every wall color.

White Leaf Insulated Living Room Curtains

Advantages of using white curtains

When you think about the interior of your home, it is obvious that you like to do it in such way that the rooms appear larger than they are. For this you have to choose such colors that would make the rooms look greater. The best color is of course white. They just not look elegant but give your room a fine finish. The windows with white curtains on them look much cozier than any other dark color. If you wish to have curtains that make your room’s look and feel cool, then white is the best choice.

Moreover, white is such a color that goes great with any other furnishing and color. So, when you use white for your curtains, you can make your walls painted of any other color.

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Problem with white curtains

However, there is certain problem with white curtains. Maintaining them is a big issue. If there is a simple spot on the curtain, it would look odd. Hence, you have to be very careful while you are using them. Anything that is white needs much more attention than any other color. So, you must clean the curtains regularly to ensure that they add the same glamour to your rooms like they had when they were hanged for the first time.

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  Grey curtain--a curtain which can match all rooms well

Grey is a light color, thus it can be a great choice of curtain to be hung on any styled bathroom. First, let’s get to know some details about grey blackout curtains.

Grey can be a very unique color to dye curtains, it can be matched with any rooms, no matter which color or style the room is. Thus, if you’re not good at decorating and are puzzled by selecting the right curtains, you can choose grey curtain, which can add much beauty to your room.

Elegant Wide curtains of blackout Function

Grey may be not an amazing color, but it’s a color which is full of graceful temperament. If you like simple styled bedroom, it can definitely be a wonderful selection. There’re various types of grey curtains. First one is the pure grey without any patterns on the curtain. And the second one is the grey with some cute or graceful patterns on it. If you want your room be special, you can choose the second type of grey curtains.

However, the grey can be different in accordance with the different dying procession. It can be divided into dark grey and light grey, you should choose it deliberately in terms of your own room decoration style. A suitable curtain can add much beauty to your room.

grey curtain

In recent market, there’s lots of grey curtains for you to choose, you should take the room decoration style, the curtain’s texture and quality into consideration before buying it. Also, you can customize it in some online and offline shops. It can be nice and cheap.

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  Curtain--a important part of house decoration

When talking about house decoration, one thing will come in our minds immediately is curtains. Choosing a nice curtain for our house is quite significant. The texture of curtain should be nice, since a curtain will usually be used for many years. Thus we have to be cautious when buy the curtain.

It’s no doubt that the curtain plays a key role in our house. The style of curtain should be taken into consideration when we select it. It needs to be matched with the house decoration style, so that the curtain can add beauty to our houses. Besides, the budget and size of curtain and window are also very crucial. Anyway, the selection of curtain is a thing which need to be considered carefully.

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Style of curtains

We can choose any kind of curtain we want, because there’re thousands of curtains in recent market. You can definitely buy one which can meet your needs. If you want to build a unique house, you can choose to design the curtain by yourself and let the tailor to produce it for you.


The curtain should bear the functions of protecting privacy as well as keeping the good ventilation. Seen from this view, the cotton and linen curtains are good choices.

Printed Air Balloon Pattern Beige Curtains


A good curtain should has long working life and not fades easily. Of course, we should wash it usually to keep it clean. A good curtain can block the dust, so you won’t need to wash it frequently. In this way, you can also save money by saving water.

All in all, the selection of curtain is quite significant, since we’ll see it and use it every day, therefore we have to buy a nice one.

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  The baby room curtains for your babies

The curtains for the babies are different are completely different from yours. They generally love cartoon based and animated cartoon based characters. Thus, you should definitely purchase the particular curtains for your babies.

If you have a small baby in your house, his choice will surely vary from your choice. Thus, you have always chosen completely different products for your child. If you practiced the same operation up till today, why there will be a change, when it is curtains, for your small baby. There are a wide number of Baby Room Curtains, which you can purchase.

The differences

Different characters, different types of arts are liked by you. But, all the babies generally like or love the same items. Thus, choosing curtains for your baby's room will not be a tough challenge for you. Still, there are a wide number of curtains, which will look the best in a baby's room.

Dreamy Yellow Polyester

Cartoon characters

Among the first type of curtains, which babies like, they are cartoon curtains. A number of cartoon curtains are there, which are made of a number of popular cartoon characters. You can purchase one of such curtains for your small baby. Once you go to the market, your eyes will be flooded with a number of cartoon character based baby curtains everywhere.

Animated characters
Apart from cartoon characters, the babies are also fond of animated items. Thus, you can also purchase curtains, where photos of animated animals are printed as well. Thus, you can also choose those curtains, if you love to take. Once you make up your mind to purchase curtains for your baby, there are a number of options in your hand. (Kids Star Curtains)

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  Choosing correct curtains to keep your privacy as secret
Curtains not only can let indoor decoration become more beautiful, but also it can play a very good sun shading effect. The most important thing is that the curtains can protect your privacy. So we must pay attention to the choice of the outdoor privacy curtains.

The different position of indoor for privacy requirements of the degree is not the same, like the living room, the requirement for privacy is relatively low. So the curtains in the living room can only have the function of decoration. But for the bedroom or bathroom, the privacy should be very strong, so you can choose thick curtains to make it sure that your privacy will not be sent out, which is very important.

For the living room, the selection of curtain can choose some of the more transparent curtain cloth, but the bedroom should choose the material of relatively thick curtain cloth. So the effect is quite good. Now many families will be installed this can effectively protect the outdoor privacy curtains of personal privacy. The curtain can not only effectively protect the personal privacy, the color is usually fresh quietly elegant, and very thin. This kind of curtains can properly absorb sunlight outside,, and let us enjoy the outdoor scenery.( Modern Living Room Curtains )

Curtains made to protect your privacy have much difference from others. It is usually composed of two layers, so the effect of protection of the privacy could be very good. Reasonable configuration of curtains can bring us different feelings. You can choose one outdoor privacy curtains you like. When you have nothing to do when you are at home, you can just listen to music or read a book. Or you can chat with your family. This is absolutely comfortable enjoyment. Choose one curtain which can effectively protect the privacy can let you have a free and easy life.

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  Victorian Style Shower Curtain Let Us Enjoy An Unique Comfort Of Life
People would like to decorate bathroom with Victorian style shower curtain cause of Victorian curtain protest privacy effectively and give us a sense of natural surrounding.There are some aspects should pay attention to when choosing those Vintage curtain for home decoration.

vintage curtains

When make a choice of Victorian curtain use for home decor,curtain color and curtain pattern should be pay attention to.Such as green color,chocolate color and purple color.Turning to curtain pattern selection,printed floral pattern or some others patterned with embroidery lace curtain are best choice.

In addition to color and patterns,requirement of curtain installation is demand to at the same time.Better to install a roll curtain for which can give a perfect achievement to Victorian curtains.

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  Curtain styles

Curtain is worth noting that, different formats of the window blinds should select different. If the window is vertical blinds in general, general is optional; if the window, can be equipped with a shutter, it would be in harmony, and consistent, beautiful and decent.The shutters as a curtain, has multiple effects of shading, ventilation, sound insulation, the owners choose to pay more attention to.

The decoration of the hotel curtains for what color? The hotel curtain is an important element of the overall tone of the match, that color for the decoration of the hotel? In general, to create three style atmosphere: Modern Chinese style luxury style, the city, after the natural wind style.

curtain style

curtain patterns

If is the modern curtain style: it is recommended that you use cotton, hemp and other texture more vigorous, the color is relatively heavy, the best pattern for the Chinese traditional pattern or heavy warm color bars. If it is after the luxury style: it suggests that you use polyester blended silk, etc., good surface gloss of the fabric, color and pattern of the large black and white form; can also use black curtain line. If the city is the natural wind style: it is recommended that you use of polyester, blended sag good fabric, surface pattern is not the best minimalist, monochrome pattern types

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  Best household item for spring and summer--silk curtains
There are always two sets of curtains in a home, one set for autumn and winter which are thick and make you feel cozy and warm. Another set for spring and summer which are thin and make you feel fresh and cool. According to different categories, textures and styles, curtains can be divided into different parts. From the texture, there are cotton, cotton silk, silk, velvet curtains and so on.
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Best household item for spring and summer--silk curtains

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